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-10 UK

“Have been sharing the secret with all my friends and family – it’s too good to keep to myself.”


-9 UK

“I was stuck at the same weight for a year… until I started with XL-S Medical”


-10 UK

“Thanks to XL-S Medical I have lost 2 dress sizes. I felt like I was able to lose weight this time because XL-S Medical gave me the boost I needed. It helps me to feel fuller for longer and I didn’t have to worry about it.”


-15 Germany

“My goal was to lose weight and to surprise everyone. With XL-S Medical, it was simple because you can take it discreetly. No one saw it and in total I lost 15 kilos!”


-9 The Netherlands

“On my weight loss journey, I especially benefited from the website XL-S Support. The tips and text messages to remind me of taking it 3 times a day worked very well for me.”


-10 Germany

“My advice to women who want to lose weight is to stop procrastinating and get started as soon as possible. XL-S Medical really helped me to lose weight.”


-8 Germany

“Losing weight with XL-S Medical was easy. You don’t need to give up on everything. All you need to do is take it directly after each meal.”


-9.5 The Netherlands

“XL-S Medical was my greatest support in my weight loss journey but of course, you also need to do some effort to get results.”

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